Custom Lithium Titanate Battery

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                        Lithium Titanate Battery



                        Lithium Titanate Battery

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                        Lithium Titanate Battery Manufacturer

                        • High security

                        • High consistency

                        • High-rate

                        • Long cycle life

                        Lithium titanate battery is a new type lithium ion battery with outstanding safety performance, high rate and very long cycle life. It has over 80% capacity only charging within several minutes, and has good over-discharging resistance and anti-reverse charging protection, so there is no safety issue of explosion or fire even if it has overcharged, charged reversely or short circuit accidently.

                        • It has revolutionary explosion-proof packaging technology, wonderful safety performance and can be used without Li- ion battery guard plate.

                        • Fast charge & discharge performance, good high & low temperature performance, long cycle life

                        • Working temperature: -35℃~75℃

                        • The rate of charge: 1~40C Discharge rate: 1~40C

                        • Cycle life: 0.5C 7000 times, 1C>4000 times

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