Medical Lithium Battery

                        Large Power - 17 years’ expertise in custom lithium ion battery: based on different requirements of medical device manufacturers, customize safe and reliable medical lithium ion battery solutions and products.

                        Lithium ion battery of medical equipment produced by Large Power has complete safely protective circuit, equalization circuit and battery management unit (BMU). Lithium ion cells are connected in parallel and series strictly so that the battery pack has high consistency. Our batteries are tested on different temperature, different current and shelf life, including all kinds of abuse test, so as to assure the safety performance.

                        Application: B supersonic diagnostic set, ECG monitor, infusion pump, ventilator, anesthesia machine, curing light, physical therapy, rehabilitation instrument, etc.

                        Why Large Power

                        • 17 Years’ Experience in Custom Solutions
                        • Over 60 People’s in R&D Team
                        • Over 3000 Successful Cases
                        • International Product Certifications

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