Custom Special Battery

                        17 Years’Expertise in Custom Lithium-ion Battery Pack
                        Maximum Reliability & Maximum Safety

                        Special Battery


                        Special Battery Manufacturer

                        Special Battery Custom Solutions and Product Manufacturer

                        Dongguan Large Electronics Co. Ltd has aimed for integrated innovation, based on project management, relied on elite team, developed with unique technology, and showed the core competence of “quick response, better pursuit, perfect customization, assured guarantee”, so as to meet the special acquirement for special customers on special products, and create value again during serving for the special users.

                        Product category: high temperature Li-ion battery, low temperature Li-ion battery, high rate Li-ion battery, high voltage Li-ion battery, lithium titanate battery.

                        Application area: special equipment and instrument used in land force, sea force, air force, police force, aerospace, oil exploration, mine survey, etc.

                        Special battery solutions

                        Customize individually according to the special environment, special usage and special area, so as to meet the individual requirements.

                        Aerospace,satellite communication

                        Special applications,manpack carrier

                        Naval vessels,underwater weapons

                        Special applications,logistic equipment

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